NavServices, short for NavigateCancer Foundation's navigation services, are any and all consultant/advisory services to assist the patient and family to overcome barriers to the prompt diagnosis and treatment of health problems related to cancer from pre-diagnosis to survivorship. 

Example services include, but are not limited to:
  • Answering questions related to their disease
  • Providing individual context about their specific disease
  • Helping patients understand treatment options, diagnosis and preventative behaviors
  • Referrals to the best resources for a specific situation
  • Providing complementary and alternative medicine education
  • Providing a holistic cancer prevention/treatment/survivorship plan of care
  • Survivorship support and education
  • Risk reduction education to patients and families

These services are performed by an oncology certified nurse, with a minimum of a 4-year college degree and has significant clinical experience and understanding of cancer treatment. The navigators are experts in coordination of care, holistic approaches to treatment, complementary alternative medicine and overcoming obstacles to quality cancer care. 

Not all navigators are equal and not all navigation services are the same!

We are different because of the following strengths:
  • We are experienced, credentialed oncology professionals   (We are not lay people, social workers or volunteers.)
  • We are an independent resource; free from bias or institutional agenda and motive.
  • We provide a personalized service to patients and families in a secure patient portal. (We are not just an information site.
  •  We serve all segments of the national cancer community by accessing remote geographical areas and offering free online consultation to anyone in need.
  • We provide lifelong consultation.
  • We provide a holistic approach. Specialty clinics are arranged by tumor type, most web sites are arranged by tumor type. We help you put it all together.
  • We are across the life continuum. We will be answering your questions as new issues come up down the road. We assist at diagnosis through survivorship.
  • We are dedicated to this one niche. We let the information websites do their thing and we focus on helping you put together your care plan from prevention through survivorship.
  • We recognize the paradigm shift from the medical model to a patient-centric focus. Cancer patients have to do more for themselves with less and cannot count on the professional community as they once did.
  • We are pro-provider. We compliment the experience you have with your physician and although we do not work directly with your physician, we help you to have a more meaningful consultations.
  • We are evidenced-based. Our information is accurate, detailed and current. Patients will know when there is science to back up decisions and when there is not.

Kent C.
Lymphoma Survivor, North Carolina

"My nurse consultant provided me with confidence to beat my disease. She was there for me throughout my journey to answer questions and help me ask the right questions to my doctors. She was the best information source and explained everything in very clear layman's language. The service is invaluable. I cannot express in words what NavigateCancer has meant to me and my family."
- Don F.
Lymphoma Survivor, North Carolina

NavigateCancer is hope and guidance for cancer patients and their families.