If I have a wonderful doctor whom I trust, why do I need your services?
Make sure that you are receiving information regarding all aspects of your care and not just about the tumor. Is your doctor’s office talking to you about your nutrition, exercise, medical bills,
support groups, etc. and do you understand the information? If so, you may not need us.
Refer to the section:  Am I receiving quality care? Questions to ask yourself

Will you talk to my doctor for me?
Fortunately for you, there are governmental protections in place to guard your privacy. Therefore, we will not communicate directly with your physician. Our goal is to improve your communication with your health care team.

I don’t want to have to log in. Why can’t we just email back and forth?
Regular email is neither safe nor confidential. That is why we have created a confidential and secure way in which you can feel comfortable communicating with us. The login is an extra step but well worth it to have your privacy protected. We feel very strongly about protecting your health information and have gone to extra lengths to do so. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for complete information.

How do I know that this is confidential?
The information that you provide is voluntary and only that which you are willing to share. In addition, this foundation does not sell, share nor provide this information to any third party. The information you provide is used solely for the purpose of navigating your case. Please refer to
our Privacy Policy statement.

Can anyone use your service or do you have to have cancer?
Anyone can use this service. We are happy to answer your questions regarding your case or that of a family member or a friend. Please refer to our Terms of Service for complete details.

When is the best time to start with your service?
Creating quality from the time of diagnosis will provide the optimal benefit for you.
However, whether you are a newly diagnosed cancer patient or a long-time survivor, we are ready to help.

How much will this cost me?
All of our services are free. Our foundation is funded through grants and personal donations.

How many questions can I ask?

There is no limit to how many questions you can ask or how often you use the service.

Are you qualified to provide this service?
NavigateCancer Foundation is committed to quality and our oncology professionals meet the highest industry standards. Please read the section Executive Team to review the verifiable credentials.

Charlie and Joan R.
Prostate Cancer Survivor, North Carolina

"I have peace of mind with the decision that I made. It was the right choice. Thanks to your wonderful assistance in guiding and providing a framework to make my decision gave me that peace of mind. And what a wonderful service that you are available for me down the road."
- David E.
Prostate Cancer Survivor, Texas

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