Services We Provide
Experienced, credentialed oncology nurses provide the following services to improve your outcome:

This is a very individualized one-on-one approach to supply information that is tailored to your specific case to ensure that you know what you need to know.  
  • We make sure that you understand your cancer and the specific situation in which you are in.
  • You will receive education about your disease, stage of cancer, treatment options, national guidelines, side effects and more.
  • We translate the medical lingo into language that you can understand. 
  • We provide you with credible, up-to-date information that applies specifically just to you helping you to make better medical decisions.
  • We can even help you do an advanced literature search for those situations when you have a rare disease or a more uncommon situation.

We teach you how to put together your team to fight and win this battle.
  • We prepare you for your doctor’s visits by helping you understand what questions you need to ask.
  • We help you find a second opinion when it is necessary.
  • We teach you to organize your records, improve your communication with your physician, ensure that the treatment plan is evidenced-based and help you avoid unnecessary tests and appointments.
  • We translate all of your medical documents, including your pathology report, scans and labs. We help you create a framework for making these complex and difficult decisions. And we help you look for clinical trials that fit your needs and philosophy.  

You are connected to the same nurse who will be with you to guide your entire journey.
  • We take the time to listen and provide comfort and encouragement.
  • We validate your concerns when things may not be going well and are a cheerleader for you when they are.
  • We focus on the “whole” of you and not just the tumor.
  • We empower you to ask those tough questions and to find quality cancer care by helping you grown in confidence and understanding.
  • Most importantly, we take the anxiety out of the process so that you can make the best decisions based on facts and not out of fear.

We will tell you about resources that you may not be aware of.
  • We will connect you to support groups that are online or in the community.
  • We will refer you to advocacy organizations, providers, contacts, resources, information and sources of support that are critical for you and your family to know about and be involved as a part of your team.


"Without NCF, I think I would have been a blubbery mess speaking to the doctor only reflecting emotion and would not have been productive. Instead I took the "you work for me approach" and walked away feeling powerful instead of powerless."
- Jennifer G
Thyroid Cancer Survivor, Georgia

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