Our Mission
The NavigateCancer Foundation's mission is to improve cancer care by providing easily accessible cancer navigation tools and services that promote self-advocacy for all patients and their family members.

  • improve cancer care.  Through meaningful education and consultation, we will improve the quality of your cancer care by helping you make better medical decisions. At a time when careful action is required, we are here to help you get it right.
  • improve understanding.  We are the solution to information overload and internet confusion. Our job is to translate, simplify and provide you with the context and relevance necessary to improve your understanding of the information and issues.
  • ensure quality.  We provide a “quality-check” to ensure that your cancer care is current and up-to-date. We confirm that your treatment is based on clinical practice standards and guidelines. 
  • are objective. This service is not underwritten by any special interest or agenda. We are your personal “insider” and we will tell it to you straight.
  • empower.  A new cancer diagnosis or a cancer recurrence can be overwhelming. We will help lessen the fear and anxiety by improving your knowledge about the choices and providing reassurance when you have chosen the plan.
Our Vision
  • To be accessible  We are a key click away when we bring our expertise from the clinic directly to you. We will be your point of contact throughout your life, as you move from treatment to survivorship and at anytime or from any place.
  • To be a resource  We fill the gaps created by the increasing challenges of the health care system.
  • To promote holistic healing  We help the “whole of you”.   We believe it is your uniqueness, a blend of your mind, body and soul which make the whole greater than its parts and we are experts at understanding and working from this philosophy. 
Our Values
  • We care  We are passionate that each and every cancer patient gets the same opportunity for quality cancer care regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, educational level or geography.
  • We believe in you  We value your opinion, your instincts and your beliefs. We believe that you are the most important person in this process. 
  • We are optimists  We believe that you are a cancer survivor the day you are diagnosed. We believe that hope and optimism (for a patient with any stage of cancer) are as essential to your recovery as the medicine that you receive. 
  • We respect diversity  We respect cultural differences and advocate for those traditions and beliefs as they impact your cancer care. We also believe in the diversity of individual thought and embrace philosophical differences because there isn’t just one road to travel.
  • We value excellence  We value ongoing professional development and continuing education because our purpose is to learn, understand and teach. 

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"At a time when our world had suddenly changed for the worst, our nurse consultant became our guiding light to help us make crucial decisions."
- Bill and Jane N.
Breast Cancer Survivor, North Carolina

NavigateCancer is hope and guidance for cancer patients and their families.